Between Two Worlds

To the left of our house lives a family who has an Obama sign in their yard and to the right is a family that has a McCain sign in their yard. (yes – it is ironic that the respective directions of ‘right’ and ‘left’ support the candidates they do) As I stand in front of my house, the visual of being between these two signs is incredibly symbolic of how I feel as an American voter … between two worlds, feeling like I don’t fit in either one.

By the way – I did vote today (early voting started) and there are more candidates than just these two on the ballot. Interesting …

I often think about how Jesus handled politics in his day — He was often questioned by very skilled people about various political issues and He refused to be pinned down by any ideology. He usually answered the questions with another question that transcended the liberal/conversative mix. Usually – both the “liberals” and “conservatives” were upset with Him. What is that transcendent thinking? Does it even exist on the American political scene?


~ by Ted Wueste on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Between Two Worlds”

  1. i’m writing you in for president!!!

  2. thank you for your support! It means alot!!!!

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