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For the “millions” of people who read this blog each week, I want to share something very interesting and potentially helpful with you. For those of you who love to read and find yourself with a minimum of 73 books on your night stand at any one time, keeping up with reading important works can be daunting. Solomon shared in Ecclesiates that the reading of bookless is endless and that was before the printing press or even the digital age.

I’ve recently learned aobut a ministry called Solomon Summaries which produces a weekly summary of siginificant Christian books – from C.S. Lewis’ Mere Chrisitianity to modern works – it looks like a helpful resource. From their website, I learned this about Solomon Summaries:

“Solomon Summaries, a Dallas, Texas-based organization, provides 8-10-page summaries of key Christian books. It offers a platform for Christian engagement and growth. Solomon Summaries helps busy Christians quickly glean wisdom from some of the brightest Christian minds and facilitates discussion about Christian issues—issues regarding living the Christian life in the Church and as individuals every day.”Solomon Summaries can also help lay leaders choose good materials and resources for Sunday school classes, small groups, mentoring relationships, and leadership training and help pastors stay in touch with what’s out there and what their congregations are reading.”About Chris and Heather Goodman, Solomon Summaries founders

“Chris loves learning but found a growing chasm between the amount of books he wanted to absorb and the time available to read them. He has a background as an entrepreneur and a business executive and has a passion for ministry and missions. Chris spends much of his time thinking about how to use the tools of the Internet to better minister in our world.

“Heather loves all things books and desires to raise awareness of the books available to Christians. After receiving her Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, she began writing and speaking on the intersection of Christianity, art, and culture.

“They formed Solomon Summaries to help people like them—people who want to grow in Christ and draw others to Christ. With so much wisdom accessible from leading Christian thinkers and ministry leaders in the publishing industry, to-read lists become longer than Rapunzel’s hair. Chris and Heather wanted to create a service to help readers grasp ideas from classic and new Christian books and discern which books would be best for their spiritual formation.”

One of my favorite professors from Dallas Seminary said this: “Want to save time and yet keep up to speed? Want to be able to decide what really is worth reading and digesting? Solomon Summaries can help you do that by focusing on really key books in a variety of areas. So leave the sifting to Solomon–read, reflect and save time doing it!” Dr. Darrell Bock

As I read their summary of Mere Christianity – I found it to be well written and helpful. It made me want to pick up and read it again!

I am sharing this info as a part of a “blog tour” where several bloggers are sharing their review of this resource. You can check out the Solomon Summaries website ( to learn more & check out the other bloggers on the tour. You can find a complete list of bloggers here (Found here).

Finally, you can receive a year’s subscription for $100 (regular price: $120, ~15% discount), and you will be entered into a drawing for a stack of books with their subscription. Let them know to reference your blog when the subscribe.


~ by Ted Wueste on October 21, 2008.

One Response to “Solomon Summaries”

  1. Thanks for “hosting” us here and letting those millions of readers know about us. 😉
    I want to note that we decided to make the service completely free until 12/1/08 so people can see if it’s something that would be helpful to them or not.
    I love your bones banner, by the way.

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