Living Life in His Story


Part of the beauty of discovering Christ as Savior is to begin to experience a redeemed life … a life that is oriented around reality. God is the the defining reality of life and orienting our lives around Him is pure joy – even if the letting go of this world is not easy and at times painful. Orienting one’s life around Christ is a joy but requires creativity and discipline.

For centuries, followers of Christ have oriented their lives around a “Christian calendar”. A calendar that begins with the four weeks prior to Christmas (a season called Advent) and walks through Christmas, a time of preparation called Lent, the passion week, and then Easter. This is something that traditional/liturgical churches incorporate as a part of their worship experience. Other churches do not use a Christian calendar – perhaps desiring to be “free” of a constraint that is not necessary to one’s salvation or sanctification. Having been a part of such a church (often called a “free” church), I am intrigued by the use of a Christian calendar.

The goal of such a calendar is to increasingly see our lives in the context of the story of Christ which is retold each year in the following seasons: Advent (listening), Christmas (celebration), Epiphany (working), Lent (listening), Holy Week (listening), Easter (celebration), and Ordinary Time (working). A good friend has listed some background on each of the seasons on her website ( The calendar provides a daily reminder, a focus, and rhythm to the year. And, it provides great context for family celebrations throughout the year.


~ by Ted Wueste on December 13, 2008.

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