Core Identity

Over the last month, I have been quite challenged to consider what I believe to be my core identity. Who am I? What do I identify with as I think about myself? The reason that it’s so important is that it affects decisions, desires, and ultimately my actions. It affects what frustrates me and what I believe can make me truly happy. The key danger is that I can have “identities” that I take on that are not the “real me”. So, who am I really? What has become very plain to me is that “I am in a relationship with Jesus Christ.” I was created for this relationship & I was redeemed by the blood of Christ and put back into that relationship. This is really quite simple – yet, I take on other identities.

For me, I’ve realized that I take on these identities: I am a nice person, I am a pastor, I am a dad, I am deserving of respect and honor. None of these are inherently evil – yet, they are less than who I truly am & they damage me and the people I love when I identify with these things. How? If I see myself as a “good dad” – then I can orient my relationship wtih my kids around “being a good dad” rather than loving them. If I see myself as a nice person, then I will orient my relationships around people thinking I am nice which could result in lying or not interacting with someone when its hard. In community, conflicting identities between people can cause a difference in values that can hurt the relationship.

So, for me – my desire is to see myself as someone who is in a “relationship with Jesus Christ.” That is the bottom line.


~ by Ted Wueste on January 3, 2009.

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