It has been an amazing week – I’ve been growing and learning so much about what it means to live in community and walk in the light. Most significant is remembering that life is not simple. It is complex and mysterious. One of my “favorite” sins is to view life simplistically. How is that “sin”? If sin is living independently of God, then making life simple is my attempt to make life manageable – my attempt to live life without depending upon Him. A friend used the word “layers” to describe a situation we were working through and it really affected me deeply. When I see life as having “one” layer, I wallow in self pity or walk in pride. When I see life as having “one” layer, it is suddenly something that I can explain and manage and do on my own – without God and/or others. There are indeed layers to my life and sin & God’s desire is gently peel them away – it is a journey which will only end when I step into eternity — having been rescued from sin. And then, the journey of fully knowing the layers of God will continue without hindrance. So, the journey is beautiful and mysterious & I’m grateful to be on it – even though I can’t explain it fully or quantify it or manage it. This leaves me stripped and humble and desperately dependent.


~ by Ted Wueste on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “Layers”

  1. Well, I, for one, am so glad that you are on this journey and leading by example. God is changing you, indeed, and in his grace, is using your process to change others. I know he is changing me because of it. Thanks for staying on the journey, friend.

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