Subversive Jesus

Love the image of the trojan horse and a “subversive Jesus.” Read and enjoy … (from a book called “Secondhand Jesus”
“I’ve begun to see the Jesus of the Gospels, who came to turn the understood notion of religion and how it work on its head – the Jesus who forced people to reconsider their rationale for their routines; the Jesus who challenged values and and socially accepted vices and virtues. This is a subversive Jesus. This is a king whose humble birth and friendly demeanor concealed his true agenda for ruling or lives. This faith that we have embraced , this Life that we have taken into our hearts, will be our undoing. It is designed to be the end of us. The Jesus I’ve come to see and know at work in my life is the One who comes to undermine my own small-minded and wrongheaded plans. He is the Trojan horse of blessing that we readily welcome into our hearts without knowing His mission to destroy our old way of life. And He won’t stop until He has every part of our hearts. It means that He will do everything in His power – everything – to make us His. So if giving us stuff achieves that goal, then so be it. But if allowing things to be taken away gets us there quicker, He may just opt for that route. He is our friend in the way that we have never fully understood a friend to be – one who will act for our good even when we don’t see it as good.” Glenn Packiam


~ by Ted Wueste on September 3, 2009.

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