Letting Go

“You have to let your father and father figures go. You must stop seeing yourself through their eyes and trying to make them proud of you. For as long as you can remember, you have been a pleaser, depending on others to give you an identity. You need not look at that only in a negative way. You wanted to give your heart to others, and you did so quickly and easily. But now you are being asked to let go of all these self-made props and trust that God is enough for you. You must stop being a pleaser and reclaim your identity as a free self.”
Henri Nouwen, from “The Inner Voice of Love”

A free self? What an interesting concept! To be free of finding my identity from others and their opinions. To be free of trying to make others proud of me. To be free of the props and strategies that I rely upon. To be free because I am trusting that God alone is enough for me.

Oh Father – may that move from being an interesting concept to the inner reality of my soul in the coming days and weeks and months.


~ by Ted Wueste on December 28, 2009.

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