India, part five

One of the things that has become very apparent is that there are really two Indias. There is the India that we see in Bollywood, the exotic/adventurous side of India, what the western world sees & then there is poor, impoverished, oppressed India. There is the upperclass (which is a very small part of India) and there are the lower castes. Many claim that the caste system doesn’t exist anymore but it does. Because it is tied to Hinduism and karma and reincarnation, it is very tightly woven into the fabric of life.

I can truly say that my heart has been drawn to the people of India and those who live in slums – those who live under bridges – the 90,000 homeless in Delhi alone. Seeing a maimed, handicapped child on the road and knowing that he was likely injured by his “owner” so he could get more money begging is hard to see.

Corruption and sin is alive and well in our world & it is alive and well in me. As we talk to people in the uppercastes and hear them talk about there not being a caste system any longer … I am reminded that the very heart of sin is deception, self-deception. It is so obvious that there is oppression but the oppressors have a hard time seeing it. It makes me think – what am I blind to? what am I missing in my own life?

There are two Indias and I want to be a part of helping minister to “the least of these”, but I also have to remember that there are two Teds. Just as there is a juxtaposition of the Taj Mahal to someone living under a bridge, there is a redeemed part of me and a part of me that is dark … Father, please bring those things to light so that I can allow you to redeem them.


~ by Ted Wueste on January 28, 2010.

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