Jet Lag and Life

After returning from another trip overseas, I’ve realized that “jet lag” is a lot like the realities of walking with God. Before leaving for my trip to India, I emailed a good friend who travels a lot to ask him what to do about jet lag. In previous years, I’ve spent a week waking up at two in the morning and being generally miserable until I got over the “lag”. And, I’d tried taking sleeping aids to help with no relief.

My friend’s advice was simple and yet profound … he said, “Relax. The most important thing is to not stress over the jet lag.” He went on to share that I shouldn’t play the “it’s two am where I just was” game and to be fully present where I was. Finally, he said, “when its day time, make sure that you stay awake and when its night, stay in bed – even if you wake up, just stay in bed and rest … relax … let go.”

His advice worked so well. I traveled 11.5 times zones and experienced no effects from jet lag whereas my most recent three trips of 8 times zones had left me miserable.

Upon reflection, I realized that in many ways – spiritually, we deal with a kind of jet lag. Upon trusting Christ as Savior, Colossians 1 says that we have been transferred from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son. In many ways, our lives have crossed multiple time zones and our spirits have not caught up. We can get stressed out about our struggles to live up to our new reality or we can let go/relax and choose to focus on our new identity – our new reality.


~ by Ted Wueste on February 9, 2010.

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