A couple of months ago, I picked up a book in the bargain bin at one of our local bookstores. The title is: A Measure of All Things. And when I tell you what it’s about — you might understand why it was in the bargain bin, unless, of course, you are as insatiably curious (read: nerdy) as me and enjoy learning things that may have little practical value. The book is about the history of measurement and how things like weight and distance were first measured and how the methods of measurement have evolved over time.

Around the same time, I began a discipline of reading a Psalm daily. In these readings, I was struck by how often the writer pronounced God as better than _________, stronger than ___________, more faithful than ____________, etc. In a world where we can so easily be drawn into being captivated by things that are less than God Himself, it seems to be an incredibly healthy discipline to constantly compare everything to God. This would leave me with a greater sense of what is real and what is illusory.

The book on measurement made me realize how much we love to measure things. Humanity loves to measure and evaluate. The tragedy is that we often get stuck and obsessed in measuring ourselves against others. Am I as smart as_______? Am I as wealthy as _____________? Am I as attractive or liked or successful or ________? Am I as happy as ________?

What occurred to me is that perhaps we were designed to measure and evaluate but maybe we get stuck measuring the wrong things. Perhaps God gave us the ability to measure and compare so that we’d never lose sight of His greatness and majesty and beauty and grace and holiness and sovereignty. Instead, we measure ourselves and compare ourselves, and as a result we end up losing sight of Him completely.

I confess that I love to measure and compare myself and it comes so naturally that I often don’t even see it until its too late. I want to shift my love of measurement to daily comparing God against everything in my life … He is better than any lust or passion, He is better than a full bank account, He is better than being loved and/or appreciate, He is better than …


~ by Ted Wueste on February 26, 2010.

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