Let Me Be Honest

A couple of weeks ago, a friend confided that he didn’t like himself very much. When he shared that with me, two things struck me deeply: first, he was being honest (ah, so refreshing); second, it was an incredibly holy moment.

In John 8, Jesus talked about the relationship between truth and freedom. He said that “knowing truth” (which would be the experiential idea of being personally honest about how my life conforms to truth, rather than cognitively knowing truth) leads to freedom. The religious leaders immediately jumped on his statement and asked, “in what sense are we not free?” Jesus replied by talking about anyone who sins being enslaved to sin. Therefore, when I am honest and choose truth (whatever that might be), the power of sin is broken.

So, assuming that someone wants to be free from sin … honesty is the critical piece. And, my friend, in a very vulnerable moment displayed to me very clearly what this looks like. Certainly, not liking himself very much was true and by his own admission often led to a lack of freedom. What struck me so deeply was the holiness of the moment. He wasn’t trying to give testimony to how bad he was and he wasn’t even trying to confess in some way. He was merely being real and honest & the holiness of the moment was likely made even more distinct because the unforced choice to live honestly is so rare in our world.

Even in the church (the community of people who should understand Jesus’ words in John 8), we struggle to live honesty – to share the reality of our souls with one another. In fact, what often typifies Christian community is not honesty but external conformity or simply comprehending propositional truth. So, rather than honesty being the DNA – it is often lying and acting so that people will believe you’ve conformed.

If Jesus’ words are true (and I believe they are), then the more honest, the better … the more real, the better … the more stripped down, the better.

My prayer … let me be honest. O God of the Universe, let me be honest so that I might be free …


~ by Ted Wueste on May 10, 2010.

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  1. Amen

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