Needed Perspective

 “God has never waited to do His work until His people come up with exactly the right methods, the best sermons, the most magnificent sanctuaries, the greatest music and art, and complete purity of heart. Otherwise, He would wait forever. If He chooses, He will speak truth through the mouth of a jackass and then turn right around and inspire a true-blue prophet to speak with sublimest poetry and spiritual force. God simply works even while He is accused of inconsistency, preferentialism, snootiness, or bad taste. The Gospel can be preached in envy; church growth (I use this term in its millenia-old sense) can happen in the midst of covetousness or corporate ego; an evangelist’s moral shenanigans cannot cancel out the Gospel he preaches. Reformers never completely reform and those seemingly entombed in dead practices can, in the blink of an eyelash, be raised up into newness without anybody being able to say why. God can work, if He wishes, in magnificent disinterestedness; He is always the Victor, always in the nick of time. He neither wears a wristwatch nor keeps a desk calendar. If His methods were transposed into the corporate world, the Total Quality Management/Management By Objectives people would climb the walls in frustration, for even in the eternities, the martyred are, right now, asking this great Administrator why He has not yet avenged those who have drawn their blood.

“While we err, He saves; while we triumph, He transcends, and in those transcendent times when we are carried along by the Spirit Himself, He graciously bathes us and His work with a glory that has precious little to do with what we may have done to prompt it.” Harold Best


~ by Ted Wueste on October 13, 2010.

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