We might use a lot of prepositions to describe our relationship with God … we do things FOR God, we live UNDER His rule, we learn ABOUT God, etc. However, the preposition that God uses over and over again is WITH. He wants us to be WITH Him. That is really all He cares about and if we are living WITH Him, all the other stuff – serving, loving, obeying – takes care of itself.

The problem is that we’d rather do all the other prepositions … about, for, under, etc. Eugene Peterson suggests:

“God calls people to himself, but they turn away to something less than God, fashioning a religious experience but avoiding God. The excuse is that they are ‘inadequate’ for facing the real thing. They proceed with the awareness that, far from sinning, they have acquired the virtue of humility. But the theological nose smells idolatry.” p. 123 (The Contemplative Pastor)

The question I’m wrestling with: what are the things that coax me away from the simplicity of life WITH Him?


~ by Ted Wueste on June 4, 2011.

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