Renovation of the Heart: Student Version

About 10 years ago, I read “Renovation of the Heart” by Dallas Willard. It’s an excellent study on what it looks like to live a life surrendered to Christ. The front of the book even has a white “surrender” flag. The problem in living that kind of a life is partially in understanding how the “self” works. How can you surrender what you don’t understand? Willard does an amazing job of walking through the elements of what makes up a person: heart, mind, body, relationships, and soul. Then, he explains what it looks like to pursue and surrender to God with all of who we are as opposed to self-worship.

Several years ago, Willard teamed up with Randy Frazee to develop a student version of this excellent work. Right now, I am about half way through reading this book with my son. It is amazing. It puts the journey of the heart pursuing Christ in terms that are easy enough for a 12 year old to understand yet pushes to depths that most adults don’t pursue. I feel like I am learning and being reminded of so much as we do this study, and my son is loving it as well. He asks to read it each night.

The focus of the book is understanding that life (decisions and actions) flows from our hearts, and God desires to transform our hearts – not our actions. A theme early in the book is that our actions don’t determine who we are, they reveal who we are. What a great thing for a student to begin learning and embracing from early on! What a great thing to be challenged with as an adult! And, what a joy to know that the Holy Spirit is powerful enough to change and renovate me no matter what things I’ve allowed to shape me in the past.


~ by Ted Wueste on November 4, 2011.

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