Waves of Life

Image A few mornings ago, as I left the house for an early morning meeting, I woke up my son to say good bye and let him know that his favorite football team had won the night before. Upon hearing the great news, he sat up in his bed and simply said, “Dad, my life is so good.” I kissed him on the forehead and went to get in the car. On the way to the car, something happened in my soul. I realized that my son was enjoying something over which he had no control (the outcome of a football game) and I was reminded that life is like that … it is a series of events over which I have no control. However, my enjoyment or lack of enjoyment is usually tied to my perceived ability or lack of ability to control the events of life.

Again, the epiphany that I have absolutely no control over the events of life struck me deeply. As I began to ponder the reality of a sovereign God who controls all things and a good God who controls and guides with mercy and grace and care, I felt a deep sense of calm and joy. I began to think: what if I began to live this way? What if I began to live as though I really believed this? Certainly, I know and hold to be true that there exists a good, sovereign God but how often do I live in way that reflects this?

Life, it seems, is a lot like swimming in the surf of the ocean. Waves come one after another and I have no control over their intensity or frequency. I can stand up in the face of a breaking wave and bemoan the way it throws me over. I can try to ignore the waves and act like they aren’t there, all the while finding myself tossed around. I can spend all my time trying to predict the movements and base my life on how I think the waves will break. Or, I can learn to surf … living in rhythm with the waves that are sent my way.

I want to learn to surf. I want to learn to move in rhythm with the events of life that God sends my way. Ah, the freedom of realizing that I’m not in control!


~ by Ted Wueste on November 18, 2011.

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