The God Who Dances

In the fourth century, Gregory of Nyssa suggested that understanding the Trinity can be aided by the metaphor of dance. So often, we use metaphors to try to explain how the Trinity could logically work. However, because it is an infinite reality, all of our “logical” metaphors fall short and often lead to faulty theology. On the other hand, a “practical” metaphor like the idea of dance is not intended to defend the idea but give a glimpse into the beauty of how it works. I love this idea of God existing in an eternal dance of love, trust, and mutual indwelling because it screams that God is relational and loving and desires to share that essence with us.

The video below was filmed by a friend and the three dancers are a part of our church and gladly shared their art in order to give a glimpse into the beauty of the Trinity.


~ by Ted Wueste on April 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “The God Who Dances”

  1. That was not only an excellent video but a great illustration of the Trinity. I have always enjoyed the “mathematical proof” of the Trinity as well.
    IF Triune God = Infinite,
    AND Infinity / N (N= any integer) = Infinity
    AND the Spirit of God dwells in the Believer
    THEN the entirety of the Infinite Triune God dwells in the believer.
    🙂 I now slink back to my nerd lair.

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